THE EXCHANGE is a system, which turns a bar into a stock exchange for a night – drinks prices display on multiple T.V.'s and these rise and fall every few minutes, dependent on what patrons are purchasing at any given time.


THE EXCHANGE system is totally compatible with all versions of windows and the majority of  POS systems. This system is installed on one relevant PC, which then allows for those fantastic real time graphics to be displayed across select T.V.’s simultaneously. The prices of selected products change based on sales and are automatically reflected on both TV screens and POS termnals.

THE EXCHANGE ignites the atmosphere and engages patrons in the most interactive ways.  The MARKET CRASHES can be prescheduled and guarantees a great buzz among customers, which in turn, drives sales even during the most exoduses of times.  Further, INSIDER TIPS, ahead of MARKET CRASHES can be automatically posted to the bars Twitter feed which then leads to mass sales—imagine all of this under the guise of simple interactive fun for your customers.


Setup and training is completely FREE of both charge and obligation and take approximately an hour.  

You pay $300 via card  for unlimited use monthly.